TAWANI Enterprises

Honoring the lessons of history to create positive change.

Aurum Trading LLC is a division of TAWANI Enterprises, Inc.

Launched from an entrepreneurial spark by COL (IL) Jennifer N. Pritzker, IL ARNG (Retired) in 1994, TAWANI Enterprises, Inc. seeks to make private investments that connect people to the history in their midst and create opportunities for growth and knowledge, while forging stronger, healthier communities. The company represents a diversified portfolio of brands aside from Aurum Trading including TAWANI Property Management, TAWANI Property Development, the Pritzker Military Museum & Library, TAWANI Foundation, Pritzker Military Foundation, and Master Wings Publishing. Properties under the TAWANI Property Management Hospitality division include Lang House Chicago, The Emil Bach House, Mayne Stage and The Lincoln Way Inn, all of which are thoughtfully designed lodging and event spaces.

Coin trade, collecting and investing has touched people’s lives since coins were made the main point of exchange. Aurum Trading contributes to TAWANI Enterprises, Inc.’s overall mission by educating people about the history behind each coin and providing services to create value with these investments for the future. Coin collecting and investing can be both rewarding and profitable. It allows us to engage with different periods of history through their artistry, rarity, and value.

To the seasoned and new investors―we look forward to sharing our expertise, supporting your passion, and building your collection.