We leverage our expertise for businesses & individuals.


Aurum Trading helps businesses and individuals procure significant positions of various American Gold products. We can help you purchase a position of precious metals that accomplishes your stacking goals. We are also one of the largest market makers in the Pre-1933 U.S. gold coin market. As a market maker, we are able to secure this material at the best prices and sell to you directly in large quantities.

Consulting Services

Building a world-class collection takes time, patience, and knowledge. We will help you with all of these aspects with our experts’ extensive connections and experiences. We consult on valuation and counterfeit detection for your protection. We have also provided consulting services to government entities in the area of counterfeit detection.

Appraisal and Expert Witness

Every major collection needs a periodic appraisal for estate purposes, insurance, and general peace of mind. Our experts have appraised collections worth millions of dollars. There are also times when it becomes necessary to testify about a collection in court. Our experts have experience providing these services and have had appraisals recognized by the court and insurance companies.

Collection Liquidation

At some point, a collection is complete and needs to be sold. We will purchase large collections from individuals and estates.